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Just give us a call and we will check our availability!
We do not currently offer wedding packages at this time, only rented by day or hourly.
The typical time range is from 10AM until midnight but we are flexible.
Foyer, bar area, grooms suite, brides suite, banquet room and catering kitchen


Outside in front, there is an ashtray installed on the fence.
The gifts may be stored in the bridal suite.


The head table is along the window wall and the DJ is on that same wall or in the corner, catering is set up by the catering kitchen, tables are set up to form a dance floor. The space is very versatile and you may set it up as you please.
We are always available to show the space and provide photos of other events.
Table linens, decor and catering items


If you rent the day, 10 am, if you rent hourly, the beginning of the time rented.
We do not allow any type of confetti or glitter (even in balloons), no hanging from fire sprinkler system pipes and no nails or hot glue.
Yes, as long as they are floating in water.
We don’t provide decorations except during the holidays. (Christmas tree & wreath)


Buffet, family style, individual plates? Any! This is up to you and your caterer.
No, but we are happy to share recommendations!


This is up to the client and decorator/planner.
We suggest you bring your own but we have back up.


Yes we have a beer & wine license to serve till midnight.
The basic package is $8.50 per person for 2 hours and the premium is $10 per person for 2 hours. The difference between the packages are domestic beers vs. imported beers/wines at a different price point.
Yes, we can provide both.
We can provide bartenders for $50 an hour per bartender.
We do not serve any unopened containers.


We have a Bluetooth sound system & a microphone.
The DJ can set up whenever the client has rented the venue.
The dance floor is planned by the client & their planner. It can accommodate as many as they wish


The cost depends on the date and hours the client wishes. It ranges from $500-$6000 (not including alcohol). The deposit to hold your date is 50% of the total & the remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the event. The remaining balance can be divided into monthly payments.
The remaining 50% can be divided into monthly payments after your deposit.
Cash, check and all credit cards.
Once you book your date, the amount paid is non refundable if cancelled. If there is unseen circumstance we are willing to work with the client to find a different date.


All events should have event insurance that you can purchase daily. All vendors must have insurance.
Yes, the venue is insured for both events and serving alcohol.


Rain Back-up Plan (for outdoor locations)

Overnight Accommodations

Unfortunately, not at this time but we are working on this!


We have a large parking lot & parking around the building.

Let's Host Your Wedding/Special Events